How a Child Care Course in Australia, Including Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, Can Change Your Life

01 Jul How a Child Care Course in Australia, Including Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne, Can Change Your Life

Whether you’re a young student just starting down your career path or a working adult looking for a change, if you’d love working with children, consider a child care course in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane at AICT.

Child care courses can enable you to work in the child care industry in a wide range of jobs, from nannies and recreation assistants to day care owners and program supervisors. In addition, AICT is a stepping stone for many students who want to maximise their career options and go on to study at an institute such as Charles Stuart University. But you’ll be job-ready after simply completing a child care course at one of our conveniently located campuses.

AICT offers two types of child care courses for those looking to obtain certification in the field.

The Certificate III Early Childhood Education and Care

In this child care course, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne residents of Australia can learn about first aid and other health and safety concerns, optimal nutrition for children, workplace safety, and legal considerations. By the end of the course you’ll know how to develop respectful, positive relationships with children, nurture creativity, use information about children to plan and implement activities, and much more.

The Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

With this child care course, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane residents are equipped to plan, implement, and manage child care programs. In many cases they will be responsible for overseeing other staff and volunteers, and in certain states are employable as directors and service managers. Upon completion of this course, students will have an understanding of everything the Certificate III covers, as well as partnering with families to provide appropriate education and care, teambuilding skills, curriculum design, and more.

Get Started with a Child Care Course in Australia Today

With either child care course, Australia residents in the Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney areas get real workplace experience for invaluable hands-on training and job readiness at completion. Your success is our topmost priority, so we make sure you receive the most current industry knowledge, skills, and materials in a supportive training environment.

Since we specialise only in childcare, we give our students the very best when it comes to support, attention, and education. All of our trainers and assessors are experienced and knowledgeable.

We cater to our students’ busy lives with weekday, weeknight, and Saturday sessions; we also have campuses located in Brisbane, Melbourne, and two in Sydney. In addition, our courses are VET FEE-HELP approved, and we have Study Now Pay Later child care courses as well. Finally, our courses are taught only partially on campus; you’ll also be putting in time at a local child care centre, allowing you to get paid to work while you learn.

Visit and fill out the contact form to find out how to get your career kick-started today. It’s a quick, easy action that could change your life, so why wait?

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